Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy 8th Anniversary!

Yes, Matt and Dana are having their 8th wedding anniversary today hurray! So they had a child out of wedlock, yes. He's such a cutie though. Ha ha! Just kidding. That is their soon to be foreign exchange student! He hopefully will be spending a year abroad in Dublin, Ireland with them someday(very very soon). He looks at it as an opportunity and I look at it as relief. :O) Really though, I remember the day they got married. I was two weeks "un"-pregnant with Levi. I was an emotional wreck and never wanna see me in that huge blue dress. It was a beautiful Tucson day. I can smell the mountain air, can't you Tucson? I remember they had the most delicious wedding cake I have ever eaten. I remember dad holding Levi. I remember how beautiful Dana looked dancing with Pete! I remember the bubbles, my bubbles! Wishing you many more years of love and travels smoochers. :O)

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Matthew said...

Thanks Reegz. It was a good day.