Monday, March 31, 2008

What was that?

I was playing bible quiz masters with a child who asked to remain unnamed because he is the oldest-ha ha. Anyway, I asked Him, "What did God feed the Israelites when they were in the desert?" He said, "Mayonnaise." I said, "What?" He said, "Mayonnaise." I said, "No dearie-it was manna."

Libs is praying!

Usually it's A,B,C,D,E,F,G,thank you God for feeding me-and she's done. She prayed at bedtime tonight. "Dear God. Please save mom, save dad, and save me. Amen." So sweet! I also have been teaching Levi the catechism and he's teaching her. So I asked her, "Why are you here?" She said in her best voice, "Fowe God's gwowy." Amen! She's learning!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Broken to beauty

"And we know that God causes everything to
work together for the good of those who love
God and are called according to His purpose."
Romans 8:28

Our affairs are forever getting tangled, like threads
in a child's hands—and we cannot straighten out
the tangles ourselves! We cannot see how anything
beautiful or good can come out of our poor living, or
our feeble striving.

Our days are full of disappointments, and our
night's rest is broken by anxieties. Yet it is the
Christian's privilege to commit all life's tangles
into the hands of Jesus Christ. He can take our
broken things—and build them up into beauty.

One of the finest windows in a great cathedral is
said to have been made out of the fragments of
broken glass which the workmen had thrown away
as worthless. A skillful hand gathered them up—
and wrought them into lovely form.

Just so, Jesus Christ can take . . .
our failures,
our mistakes,
our follies,
our broken fragments of life,
even our sins, and
make them into beautiful life and character!

"Commit your way unto the Lord; trust also in
Him; and He shall bring it to pass." Psalm 37:5

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008


Levi came upstairs crying today telling me that Liberty scared him. I said, "Didn't I talk to you yesterday about scaring her?" He said,"Yes." "Well, why do you think she's scaring you?" He said, "Because I scared her." Then he got really excited and held up his finger and said, "That reminds me of a verse." I thought,this is interesting.....He said, "We love Him because He first loved us." "Great", I said thinking he would say, "Do unto others....." He then said,"I now have a new verse. Liberty scared me because I first scared her."

Friday, March 21, 2008


Levi's prayer

...and dear God, please save my Grampa. You know he's already half dead. Thank you. Amen.

Life for sale

From the world’s perspective, Ian Usher had the perfect life. He had a relaxing job, a beautiful wife, exhilarating hobbies, and a trendy house outside of Perth, Australia. If there is such a thing as an English expatriate in Australia having achieved the American Dream, Ian was it.

His website has videos of him sky-diving, jet skiing, surfing, and snowboarding. His house has a flat-screen TV, a spa, and room for all of his toys. He has a loyal dog, and close friends.

But a few years ago this down-under dream fell apart. He and his wife divorced, and try as he might, Ian could not put his life back together again. Enter: one of the most novel ideas for dealing with disenchantment that I have ever heard of. Instead of a yard sale, Ian is having a life sale.

What could not sustain Ian is now up for bidding. Ian is going to auction off his life to the highest bidder. His house, his job, his toys, his TV’s, his computers, and his spa. The winner will get his clothes and his car, his dresser and his dog. Everything.

Even his friends, who are apparently more trusting than his employer—the employer is offering a three-month trial period for their new hire. Ian says that after this auction he will walk away with his passport and the clothes on his back, and take the next flight with an open seat on it, to start his life over.

In John chapter 3, Jesus told Nicodemus that for a man to have any hope of even seeing the kingdom of God, he had to be born again. Nicodemus asked how a person could possibly climb back inside of the womb again. It is a mistake to think Nicodemus thought Jesus was being literal (“if only I could find my mother, then how could I fit…”).

Nicodemus was not jaded by John 3:16 bumper-stickers and Billy Graham Crusades. He had not heard the term “born again” before, and was probably taking it in a way similar to Ian’s strategy. His question then is one of, “how can a man start his life over when he is old? Where do you even begin?” Nicodemus lived before the advent of e-bay, which will be Ian’s venue of choice.

Jesus’ response is good for us to consider. “Flesh produces flesh,” he said. Eric Alexander said, “What Jesus means is that starting over will not help Nicodemus. A thousand new beginnings will only produce a thousand of the same sad tales of woe.”

My best guess is that Ian’s life is worth about $500,000 Australian dollars, or $450,000 in the US. After he sells it all and boards his plane, he will be doing his best to answer Nicodemus’s question. He will be trying to start over, vainly thinking that this time it will turn out differently.

I hope someone is able to warn him that he does not need a new start, but he needs a new heart.

You can see Ian’s life for sale here.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Reformation Heroes

This is one of the books I bought at the conference. It is so good! I have a hard time reading about the reformers. It can be so dry and choking. I love this one- it is good for me and I can share it with the kids! It is a beautiful book and it was only 20 bux! Buy it up!

Monday, March 10, 2008


My fave! See you in Orlando in a couple of days Johnny Mac! We'll be enjoying the Ligonier Conference later this week and of course some great fellowship and sunshine!


This was his last party. I think he must feel six by now.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Am I six?

Isn't it funny how kids are about birthdays? You know the days leading up go something like this: My REAL birthday I'll be 6 and then when we have the swimming party thats my 'nother birthday and my big party with all my family is my other one. When I had my birthday last week it was a pre-six-birthday but I wasn't six yet. I was still 5 and a half but really more than that because......WHATEVER! Anyway, today Levi is having his birthday party with the whole gigantic family tree so he said to me this morning, "Well, today is my REAL birhtday." I said, "No actually, you turned 6 on Thursday so you are 6 and 3 days." He said, "I just don't feel six." He then said, "Mom. You don't actually FEEL six until all your parties are over. You just don't get it mom."

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I was wondering.....

Is it Spring yet?

Happy 6th birthday Leevs!

Yeah, I know he's 6 but this is one of my favorite pictures of him! Happy golden birthday son! I love you!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Today was a ski day at Afton Alps for us and another day filled with mischief for Levi. He came up to me as I was hanging out with a couple ladies in the Chalet and told me 911 calls the fire department. I kinda brushed it an IDIOT and went on chatting. A little while later a lady came upstairs and said, "Has anyone had any kids they know messing around with the phones downstairs?" Levi was upstairs at this time but I didn't know where. I did know there were no phones up there so I thought I maybe was safe but had a bad feeling about it. After she left he popped up slyly from under the table and kind of slinked away. A bit later another guy came over by Levi and was talking to him and I immediately investigated. I didn't want to ask him right away with the first lady because I just kind of wanted it to go away and thought I would ask him later to save some embarassment. Anyway, this guy said to me, "Some people identified this young man as the culprit of the 911 calling......blah, blah, blah, naughty, bad, rotten,...yadda-yadda." I sat with him and talked to him about it and said, "Where did you learn about 911?" He said, "Well on the Little Rascals they dial it to call the fire department." I said, "Did you think you needed to call the fire department? Did you see a fire?" He said, "No. But When I called they kept telling me it was the police." I asked him how many times he called and he told me only 5. I got really close to him and said, "Never call 911 again." He said with giant eyes, "Well, what if there IS a fire?" I said, "You may only ever call 911 if something is going up in flames. Understood?" He nodded and felt shame.

Sackloth and ashes!

Where will Brett go? Will he coach? Will he make a comeback? I can't imagine the Pack without him! We'll miss you #4 and be looking for you to show up somewhere! You got skills that can't be put to rest!

"The Packers owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude. The uniqueness of Brett Favre his personality, charisma and love of the game -- undoubtedly will leave him as one of the enduring figures in NFL history."

Monday, March 03, 2008

Die to yourself

The world urges us, "Assert yourself," "Fulfill yourself," "Liberate yourself," "Please yourself," "Satisfy yourself," But Jesus says "Die to yourself." It seems like a step backward. Our lives are to be sacrificed to others, not in some sort of melodramatic martyr complex, but in following the daily challenge of Christ's example.