Sunday, August 11, 2013


This was Petes birthday present to himself (the Explorer).  I bought him the Chiefs shirt!


I will try to remember this beginning of May vacation when the snow starts flying!

Levi does exist

He is our truest middle child. Barely a picture of the kid. Lol!


My 3 favorite pictures of Jace. I don't get many photo opps with him to begin with so I was glad to get these back in May. :o)

She jammin'

A doll in the making


A very memorable 40th!


Jax loves freezies. Libs loves Jax. :o)

Breakfast for Jax



Jax's cute cigar shirt from Uncle Matt. :o)

Candy necklaces rule

Gave Jax a candy necklace which he had no idea was candy- until I shoved it in his mouth. :o)

Im 2!

Jax's 2nd birthday was July 21st. We spent over an hour and a half on this ride. :o)

Big boys

Jax just wants to be one of the big boys!