Sunday, November 26, 2006

A bad example

"William S. Plumer The Ten Commandments" :

"In everything he followed the example of his father." 2 Kings 14:3
Children are the most imitative creatures in the world. Parents should so walk before their children as that they may safely follow in their footsteps. Set a good example in all things. He who delivers good precepts, scatters good seed. He who adds good example, ploughs in that seed. A bad example will destroy the good which might be expected from sound instruction. "Do as I say--and not as I do," is a sentence which converts the best teaching into poison, and dreadfully hardens the heart. Precepts give the theory, but example instills principle. Words impart notions, but example carries conviction. You need special wisdom and grace to preserve you from error, and sin, and folly. If you practice any sin before your child--you cannot fail to teach him to do the same.
"In everything he followed the example of his father." 2 Kings 14:3

Thursday, November 09, 2006

World Magazine article

I really found this a great article in World Magazine. Check it out-it holds MUCH truth!

An adventure

Went to the tanning booth yesterday before we went to the park and decided I'd bring Levi with. We went in there and I told him to sit in the chair next to the "coffin" and I got ready to lay down. He was like "mom, pretty cool." I then turned it on and it lit up the whole room and he goes, "mom, I'm scared. Are you going to go up in the air?" I said, "no, I just lay in here." When I layed down he was like, "oh, I get it. You just lay in there and pretend that that's the sun." I said, "exactly." When I was done with my 12 minutes we walked out and he said, "mom, that was quite an adventure!"

Sunday, November 05, 2006


'The effort is not to make the assertions of the Bible harmonize with speculative reason, but to subject our feeble reason to the mind of God."

-Charles Hodge