Friday, January 29, 2010


I'm not even sure I loved the movie Public Enemies? I am sure that I loved this quote by John Dilinger though, "I like baseball, movies, good clothes, whiskey, fast cars... and you. What else you need to know?"
Say no more.

New Favorite!


I just wanna state that I am so sick of companies discontinuing the things I love most. Why?! I know there is a place out there somewhere like "The Island of Misfit Toys." I'll call it, "The Island of Misfit Products." Let's go.


We were gone on vacation recently and when we got back Liberty had to go to dance twice in a row. She wondered why and I told her it was because she had to do a make-up day. She was really excited and told Jace, "Jace, I get to go to ballet again today and I get to wear make-up!!"


Levi was telling jokes the other day at a Preschool group I watch. What a riot! Like they get ANY of the jokes. Whenever he's done he's like, "Do ya get it? Do ya get it?!" No, of course not. This was my favorite one he started out, "There was a blondehead, a redhead, and a bluehead...."

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Barely ever

Jace wants me to quit posting private things about him on this blog. I told him it's not very often I talk about him. I'm just curious about how often Jace is keeping up with blogging? Jace, please leave a comment next time. :o)

More terror

Levi was going to bed the other night and sat up perplexed, again. I said, "What is it?" He said, "I just am so worried that Rachel is gonna choose someone else." Might I remind you, he thinks they are a couple, and this 10 year old beauty doesn't even know it. "You don't need to worry Levi because God will work it all out." He said, "I just know that either she's gonna dump me or I'm gonna dump her. It happens to everybody." Awww! Almost 8 years old and can already see the discontentment in relationships. Adorable!

A break

Libs was packin her bag this morning to go to her friend Trista's. She was very excited and said to me, "I'll be back sometime tomorrow. You can have a "bweak" fwom me." Precious.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010