Tuesday, March 31, 2009


While depending on the Holy Spirit, we must at the same time recognize our responsibility to diligently pursue all practical steps for dealing with our sins. Keeping both these truths, dependence and our responsibility, equally in mind is difficult. "Work as if it all depends on you, and yet trust as if you did not work at all."
-Respectable Sins

Monday, March 30, 2009


From Petes mom Wendy while I was in Florida:
On Thursday evening when Levi was getting ready for bed, I asked him
what he was doing in his Mom and Dad's room. He strongly told me that
he was putting his dirty clothes in the hamper. He went on to say that
now he was like Cinderella--having to do all the work--and that the
three of them were all like Cinderellas. And now their Mom was like
the Queen and she didn't have to do anything anymore! He was so
serious that I could hardly contain myself! After 2 short days, I can
vouch for the fact that Regan is not just sitting on her royal throne
all day!


Jace said about a friends dog, "How are they gonna go on a month long vacation? Who's gonna take care of their dog?"
Levi replies, "They had to put her to sleep. She lost control of her udder."


Levi told me this morning that Geronimo was the cheif of sinners. He had a totally black heart. He was totally wicked.
"Do you know what he did mom?" he asked.
"No, I don't," I said ashamedly.
He shouted, "He killed people mom! I know he's in hillbilly hell."

Saturday, March 14, 2009


"Covetousness is desiring something so much that you lose contentment in God. The opposite of covetousness is contentment in God."
John Piper

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Middle child

Totally laughed out loud at this. It's so true! While reading "Sex Begins in the Kitchen," I came across this well known truth.
To dramatize the plight of the middle child (me) in a family, I usually ask the parents about the photo album. They'll laugh bcuz they know where I'm going, and they also know I'm right. How many photos do you have of the oldest child? Oh, maybe just 50 or 60 thousand or so. Next question: How many photos do u have of the middle child? Hmmm...let's c....altogether there r....uh.....14. And 9 or 10 of those have the oldest child in them. Too true!
Other points were-
Middle child-rough and tumble aggressive, social butterfly who always seemed to have a dozen friends hanging around. They tend to be very social, peacemakers, and negotiators. Make friends easily and are loyal; most faithful marriage partners. They take life in stride and let undue stress roll of their backs. They r tenacious enough that when a problem comes along, they want to dig in and get it settled. They don't like troubled waters, and for that reason a marriage involving a middle child is often a very good marriage.
I'm reading more and hope to have myself all figured out by the end of the chapter-yeah, right. Who writes this stuff anyway???

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


"Mom, why do I have these pickles on my forehead?"
"Why do I have these pickles on my forehead?"
"I don't understand?"
Libs pointed at her nose and said, "Like these."
I laughed, "Those aren't pickles. Those are freckles!"


Libs went to Disney on ice last week. What a time she had! A few days before she went a neighbor girl told her that when she was little she actually got to sit on Cinderellas lap! Liberty was in shock. Levi piped up from the backseat, "Didja ask her what it was like to have a stepmother?!"

Can't trick me!

Levi had a birthday party this past Sunday and all the family was there. Pete had brought home a PS2 game called, "Rockband" the night of his birthday. It came in a giant box so I decided to play the "trick" on him. Matt and Dana had gotten him a PS2game and I decided I would wrap it in the HUGE Rockband box. When he was opening it he and his friend were like, "Cool man! You have two of everything now!" My trick failed! I had to tell him to actually look in the box to see it was indeed a trick! He was so happy for the new game he just moved on.
Last night Pete told me that he said to him, "Dad, I know you were in on that trick. I know you gave Dana that box to wrap my Batman game in....."
Yep, sent that empty box to Ireland just for the sake of trickin a 7-year-old. Right.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Good one

Without sound repentance, sin is not accounted as the greatest evil-nor Christ as the greatest good.