Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can't trick me!

Levi had a birthday party this past Sunday and all the family was there. Pete had brought home a PS2 game called, "Rockband" the night of his birthday. It came in a giant box so I decided to play the "trick" on him. Matt and Dana had gotten him a PS2game and I decided I would wrap it in the HUGE Rockband box. When he was opening it he and his friend were like, "Cool man! You have two of everything now!" My trick failed! I had to tell him to actually look in the box to see it was indeed a trick! He was so happy for the new game he just moved on.
Last night Pete told me that he said to him, "Dad, I know you were in on that trick. I know you gave Dana that box to wrap my Batman game in....."
Yep, sent that empty box to Ireland just for the sake of trickin a 7-year-old. Right.

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dana in dublin said...

Wow, he looks so grown up in this picture- a totally different kid than I saw just 3 months ago! Glad he liked his present!