Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Middle child

Totally laughed out loud at this. It's so true! While reading "Sex Begins in the Kitchen," I came across this well known truth.
To dramatize the plight of the middle child (me) in a family, I usually ask the parents about the photo album. They'll laugh bcuz they know where I'm going, and they also know I'm right. How many photos do you have of the oldest child? Oh, maybe just 50 or 60 thousand or so. Next question: How many photos do u have of the middle child? Hmmm...let's c....altogether there r....uh.....14. And 9 or 10 of those have the oldest child in them. Too true!
Other points were-
Middle child-rough and tumble aggressive, social butterfly who always seemed to have a dozen friends hanging around. They tend to be very social, peacemakers, and negotiators. Make friends easily and are loyal; most faithful marriage partners. They take life in stride and let undue stress roll of their backs. They r tenacious enough that when a problem comes along, they want to dig in and get it settled. They don't like troubled waters, and for that reason a marriage involving a middle child is often a very good marriage.
I'm reading more and hope to have myself all figured out by the end of the chapter-yeah, right. Who writes this stuff anyway???

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Kim N. said...

I believe a lot of the birth order stuff. It is more often then not right on.