Friday, September 30, 2011

Up Close and Personal

My 1st Booya!

Happy 15 years!

Hugz for Jax

Libs is a great big sister and is forever helping Jax. I am so thankful to have her to be my mommys helper!


Grammy Wendy bought Jax this fuzzy fuzzer. He's so squeezable! He's always waving too it seems. :o)

Libs the Witch

This witch costume is so darn cute on Libs! Now alls we need is the green face paint and a big wart. She's ready for Hallpween! She also drew that awesome picture of herself as a witch/which we proudly displayed on her bedroom door. Great artistry Libs!

Jam time

2 months old?!

This is a walker of the future! I got it at Baby on Grand thanks to my good friend Elin. :o)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sad for Libs

Libs two best neighborhood pals are moving. Its a sad thing for her and for them. They have shared a billion chats on the steps and a kazillion freezies together. They are going to miss each other a lot. We don't really have any other friends in the neighborhood so we are praying that a new friend moves into their house. We will surely miss their silhouettes in our window!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Libs is 7!

I love this picture of Liberty blowing out her candle on her cupcakes. She looks so darn cute! She is now a big 7 year old. Where does the time go?! I love you little princess!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fieldtrip Day!

Libs always wants her picture taken which is why she's in so many. I meant to bring our good camera but mistakenly grabbed the psp instead! Oops! Here's a few pics anyway.

MN Zoo trip

We went to the Minnesota Zoo today for the 1st time all together. Jax (who is dressed like a monkey, appropriately) was a very good baby and the big kids were very helpful. We saw lots of wonderful, interesting creations. We had lunch there and it was a beautiful sunshiney day!

Levi reads to Jax

Smiley boy

Jace took these pics of Jax. What a dolly!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Silly pics!

Jax at State Fair

Jax had his first visit to the Minnesota State Fair this year. He was wiped after 9 hours of braving the heat and crowds. I'll remind him he pretty much slept through it at 5 weeks old. I'm sure Jamie will be dragging him around it in no time!


Libs asked to have shrimp for her birthday party this year. I told her that not everyone likes shrimp and that maybe she could have a special shrimp meal for herself sometime. Of course mom brings her her own special plate of it to the cabin. Not surprised! Mom ALWAYS goes out of her way for me and my family! Love you Mom! Love you Libs!


Groovy Girl

Libs loves Groovy Girls! She has 16 now and loves them all! Thanks Mom for going crazy and finding the deals! Thanks for letting us all share in the fun of giving them to her. Now if I can just find her in her bed......

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Libs at the fair

Libs had a great time at the fair and walked around for 9 hours without compliant. She went on death defying rides including the double ferriswheel with me. That is THE scariest ride I've ever been on! Although she wasn't scared she did think we were going to fall out and die. I wondered for a while myself. We survived though and it may be a yearly tradition for us. Whew! There are a couple other pics she had me take of her also. The giant sing along at the fair this year was a highlight as well and Libs enjoyed belting out a few lyrics Aunt Jamie helped her with.

Jax's tat

Jax got his first tat at the fair yesterday. If you can see it, it is a dairy barn cow. I thought it would look good on his well fed bod. He sat really nice for the artist and didn't even know what was happening of course. Liberty wanted him to get a whole legfull but I thought better of it. He spent about 9 hours at the fair and didn't seem to think much of it-kinda like Uncle Matt. I'm sure next year will be a better experience for him considering he should have 20/20 vision by then. :O)