Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I love them most when they're sleeping.

Little ol man

Who does this look like?


Fun times swinging at the park. One of those rare days when they all love each other. Kind of.


I'd like to say I videotaped this to make Jace and Dana nervous. But I didn't plan it. Seriously.


Is this not the sweetest picture you ever did see?!


My oldest and youngest. Awwww!


Libs and Haley had matching suits on and were easily spotted at the Dells. Cuties!


Our trip to the Dells included this insane wave pool. This was the highlight of Mount Olympus.

Jax at the park

Jax loves monkey crawling around the park. He looks like a jailbird but he's free!

Thursday, June 07, 2012


What is he thinking as he looks over this vast bathtub? Jax loved going to the beach. He loved tasting each and every rock he could pick up. He loved splashing back and forth across the shoreline. Another waterbaby! Who knew?!

Hookah time

Some of my favorite all-time pics of Matt. Totally gives you the impression of the kinda goofy fun bro-in-law he is. Gonna miss him in the kitchen (hamburger patting only-he don't wear no apron!). Gonna miss him playing guitar. Gonna miss his laugh. Gonna miss his taunting Levi. Gonna miss his badmitton skills. Gonna miss his political rants...wait, let's not get carried away. Hahaha!
Congrats on your job and what you've become. I am glad my sister is in good hands. See you in the desert. Lets shoot some cacti! :O)
Since you're all wondering what the heck hookah is....


Cbass got Jax this sweet pool ride. He was floating around enjoying the day. He is starting to get used to the feel of the water, splashes, and waves. :o)


I know they aren't great pics but she just look at her! She is so cute! This weekend is her dance recital. She also has a hip hop get up that we need a bit a help with. Pictures soon to follow!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Jace and Micah went mudding on Memorial weekend up at the cabin. It was storming, lightning, pouring. I was livid and in deep intercessory prayer. The Lord protected the dumbs and they survived. :o)


Jax loves the pool. He kicks back and floats around all over the place. The kids are already trying to teach him pool tricks. Soon he'll be swimming away! Would yajustlookatim!

Farewell Friends

Matt and Dana are moving back to their homeland. We will miss them indeed. Although they were in Rochester we at least seen them once a month and sometimes more. We enjoyed our last gathering together with good food, drinks, hookah, and fun fellowship. There will be no sadness in this post at the unrequested request of Dana. :(
*In case you were wondering about getting this cool shirt that Matt has on-"Enjoy Capitalism." It's available for purchase in Norway. Dead. Serious.

Cereal Park

Jax had a visit to the park. I think he thought he was in a big bowl of "healthy" cereal. He tasted some woodchips and acted overwhelmed. :o)

Dana Feeds Jax

On Dana's last weekend here she spoon-fed Jax. I think she actually enjoyed it. Especially when he went diving after the spoon. She found that quite adorable. She also learned that there is an expected speed to feed babies at. Ya learn somethin new everyday!!

It's about time

Finally! Jax holds his own bottle! Big baby!