Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday, April 09, 2012


I was leading a game of "Capture the Flag" at Awana the other night with the TNT'ers. Im gonna call it post-modern-capture-the- flag. I was like, you guys are playing all wrong. Since when do you hide the flag? What is puppy-guarding? They told me that I played back in the 40's and the rules have changed since then-ouch! When Liberty came out and got a glimpse of the game I noticed she also got a glimpse of the NAME of the game. She asked, "Can we play "Catch a Plague" too? LOL!

Joy in the Lord

Levi came busting into the bathroom this morning with serious joy in his heart. He's like, "Mom!I am really getting to know God!" I was like, "Awesome! How so?" He was like, "He is starting to talk to me! He is revealing mysteries to me!" I was like, "That is so awesome!" He walked out of the bathroom praising God. I finished getting ready and walked out in the living room where he was in a kneeling position giving thanks to God. Precious!