Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wanna play Jame?

Serious! I almost bought this for you for Christmas but then I thought, why would you have thrown yours away?! I looked inside the box just to make sure some of the scoring sheets didn't have ours name on them. I mean, while everyone else was playing Monopoly, Life, Clue, and Bonkers at the Schmidts, we were playing Bargain Hunter! It was a great game and a life lesson I guess. We actually turned out to be bargain hunters huh Jame?


Monday, August 30, 2010

Well Yah!

Levi was at his friend Tommy's last weekend entertaining the parents as usual. I came to pick him up and one of Tommy's parents said they felt really bad because Levi told him that my mom died. I told him it actually wasn't my mom but my grandma. Tommy's dad asked Levi if it was his (Levi's) moms mom but he took that wrong so anyway.....He asked Levi how he felt about it and Levi was throwing his arms up and saying, "It was awful! Just awful!" Tommy's dad could tell he was just so upset. Then Levi said, "Ya know she died a Catholic." Tommy's dad said, "Is that bad?" Levi gives him a very serious look and exclaims, "WELL YAH!"

Monday, August 23, 2010

Paul of Lakeland

Yes, this is our newest member of our family. I mean WAS the newest member. He's well on his way to Mexico by now. Considering he left last Friday he's probably up to Manning by now? Maybe even Woodbury? We had this caterpillar experiment we had to do for Jace's Science class this upcoming fall. We got a couple caterpillars from his science teacher to be a couple of weeks ago. Our goal was to hopefully get one in a chrysalis/cocoon (whatever!) by the time we went on our mini trip north. We had heard they don't travel well and we really didn't know if we could get any caterpillar babysitters in a pinch. We already had to bike a mile or so to cut milkweed out of someones yard. One time we went out in a storm by night hoping we didn't get busted. Saul formed his cocoon the day before we left. Yes! We left milkweed for his pal in there hoping he would make it but he just wasn't ready. He was upside down when we got home much to our science teachers dismay. She's very serious about bugs. Sorry, God's created insects.
We checked daily to see if our butterfly was going to.....hatch? On about the 10th day I welcomed Paul at 8am in butterfly juice. I called Jace's teacher to see what had to be done being I don't know when he was born. She gave me instructions to bring him to a pine tree in my yard so he could hang and dry his wings. There were all kinds of rules and we checked on him frequently. Eventually his wings were dry and he went on his way to Mexico to preach the Word.

Death Hill

This picture gives the person looking at it no real feeling for the way I felt biking up it. Did I mention it was 90 degrees with severe humidity? How bout that I didn't get off and walk? How bout that it was a straight uphill climb FOREVER? That I was going 5 mph'ers? That I got a slight pain in my head? That I did this on purpose? That I am at 1050 miles?!!! Hurray!

Bring it!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Promised Land Ranch

Jace has been going to this horse ranch Tuesdays in August. It has been a great devotional time for these young men who are "Daring to be David." He has learned a lot and has become more disciplined in his bible reading. He also has my horse riding skills. Get on a horse. Fall off a horse. I give him credit for continuing to work at getting back on. Horses are scary!


This is a perennial hibiscus that comes up in my yard every year. This very piece of my property must feel like Florida to this beaut! The blooms are bigger than your head! It's freakin' awesome Lord!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hit it Maestro!

Thanks To Aunt Val we have this new piano in our basement! Thanks to Gramma Wendy who had it delivered to us! It is a family heirloom in the Ryti family and we are proud to now own it! Lotta talent on this beaut! What a blessing!


This is my moms windowsill in her house. See all that "stuff" up there? Nobody knows what it is. I say it's all the "extras" she puts in the recipes no soul can ever remake. Yeah she makes excuses that she doesn't know recipes or she always does things different. Sure Mom. Now we all know. It's in the windowsill.
*Please note: the candles have nothing to do with witchcraft, voodoo, or the like....I also do not know what's in the green bowl but I'm sure it's another important ingredient fermenting. The knife is a scare tactic I'm pretty sure. Don't touch!

Monday, August 09, 2010


Oct 1-3

I'm really looking forward to this in October. Being we missed the Orlando conference this year it seems I'm really missing this meaty goodness. This year volunteers aren't allowed to sit in the auditorium but have to view the speakers on a large screen in another area. No biggie. Just looking forward to hearing what these men have to preach and apply to my wretched life!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Not one is good. No not one.

I'm thinking Liberty and I have to go over this lesson. She's obviously thinking she is perfectly good according to this questionnaire.

Monday, August 02, 2010


Wow. The new casino has finally opened. It is just beautiful. Mom was right when she went on. And on. And on about it. We walked all over it with Grampa Joe as our V.I.P guide. Levi looked out over the gaming floor and said, "That is the biggest arcade I have ever seen." He also tried to walk in and play a little "Pac-Man" and didn't quite understand why he wasn't allowed in this arcade. It is so weird to be inside there and look out the window and remember you're still in Danbury. Mom is working nonstop as the place is full of hungry peeps. Thank God He is giving her supernatural strength and energy! You gotta check this place out!