Friday, March 19, 2010


We all headed to The Wilderness last Tuesday for two days of hard core exercise. The place is great but couldn't we work on getting the parks a little nearer to each other. It's exhausting enough that the parks have killer stairs and death-defying waves. Do they really have to also make you walk a mile or two each way to enjoy these things? I LOVE it but I think it can get really tiresome for the kids. Did I mention the chlorine level is at a level that must be pushing lethal? We used to stay for two nights before we knew any better. The kids can only handle the one night and the two days in the park. Can you imagine the germs in this place? Don't. It might look clean and inviting but can it really be? People always say, "Oh, chlorine kills everything." Including my children? Have you ever had cigarette smoke in your eye? That's what my eyes feel like when I'm in there and the next morning after inhaling it for a day? I sound like the Marlboro man. Does it sound like I am complaining? It's a great time-you just can't think about it. Have you ever attempted "The Great Wave?" It is so awesome and puts any workout to shame! You have no choice if you dare to go out in it to keep EVERY muscle engaged if you want to live. It is an excellent workout and I can't believe people aren't scraped off the bottom hourly. I only know a handful of people who can be out in those waves without a tube.(Kudos to you my girlz) I seriously want one in my backyard. I put a clip of it on here so you could check it out. It doesn't even do it justice at all. PLUS, you can't really get a great look at all the people fighting for their lives. OR, the interesting swimsuits, tats, piercings, and people that go there. Another interesting thing about this place is that it has a glass roof. People are actually laying out, applying sunscreens and accelerators, and actually getting burnt! It's quite an experience and a memory we are sure to remember. :o)

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dana in dublin said...

Looks like a video mom recorded! Glad you had a good time at the Dells.