Friday, March 19, 2010

A goal

My husband got me a sweet, new odometer reader for my bike for Valentines Day this year. It's pretty awesome. I actually had one I got out of a cereal box for the last two years. It worked pretty good but would stop every now and then. I figure last summer I biked somewhere around 700 miles, give or take a hundred? I can't be sure because I missed some miles and I never could quite reset it either. Come on, it was 2 UPC codes and a vial of blood or something. It said Disney Parks on it and was a bit kid-like. Don't care! I am very grateful to have this new one and to have my bike all tuned up and ready to rack up the miles. I went on my first big ride of the year yesterday. I biked 12 miles and it was a beautiful 65 degrees. I also biked a few the other day. My goal is 1000 miles by end of bike season. I also told Pete I'd like to maybe challenge biking halfway to the cabin or something. Sounds painful now as the first ride of the year always leaves me with "bike-butt." Ouch. I was trying to compute how many miles/rides a month that would be. I also have a rain factor and a wind factor-both which I dislike riding in. I'll keep updating cause I KNOW you care. I am sure there's a way to have a bike reader on my blogside somewhere but I'll leave that up to my blog designer. Thanks D. :O) The new look is trippin.

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dana in dublin said...

I'll look into that- however I think you're a FREAK!