Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Getting ready

Levi is starting baseball in a few weeks and he has decided he would like to get in shape. He told Pete the other night he is on a diet. He knows that with baseball comes Jaces baseball. With Jaces baseball comes.....Rachel. He's loved Rachel since the day he saw her. She's almost 10, blonde, cute little freckled nose, blue eyes; a real Afton cutie. She's also a sweetheart. He has already told me, "I can hear it now, Levi Lundstrom. Rachel Lundstrom." He often worries that she could marry someone else. He asked me the other night, "What if I end up with a brown girl?" I told him God loves all colors of girls. What matters most is that the girl you marry (if you marry) loves Jesus with her whole life. He agreed and hopes that that girl is Rachel. ;o)

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