Friday, January 04, 2008


This morning Levi was at it again. Annoying his sister. I asked him why he must do this everyday? He said, "You forgot mom. I have sin. We all have sin. Ever since the beginning when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit there has been sin. God cannot look at sin. You see, before they ate the forbidden fruit our hearts were "pitch" red. Because of that our hearts are black." I said, "What can we do?" He said, "We need to ask God to forgive our sins and He will take them away. That's what He did for us on the cross." Liberty was listening intensely to his sermon and she looked at him and said, "I'm sorry." She then looked at me and said, "He forgived me."

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kristi noser said...

I'll be surprised if Levi doesn't grow up to be a preacher. Smart boy ya got there.