Thursday, November 01, 2007


Levi grew right out of his Sketchers. He had blisters on his toes-bad mom! I said, "time for a new pair of shoes!" He said, "Oh no! I love my S's!"

Liberty was wearing footie pj's one night when my mom was here. She told me she came out of her room the next day with a new pair on. My mom said, "what happened?" She said that when she went potty and tried to put them back on she couldn't find her arm! (The pajama arm was inside out and she just couldn't figure it out!)

I was telling someone last night about the guy in the tinfoil thong at Chipolte on Halloween and Jace overheard me. He asked me, "mom, what was that fancy name you used for underwear?" I stumbled around and told him they were the kind of underwear that were a little bigger in front and not so much in the back. He said, "ohhhh.....whitey tightys." I said, "Yeah, something like that."


dana in dublin said...

I demand funnies more often- I know you have them all the time. They are good for the soul!

spw said...

It is like music to a soul!!!