Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Danger! Do not harass gators! Like I was thinkin about it? One of those funny signs they have to post because people will do these crazy things! We looked and looked all week for gators and finally saw one on the last day sunning itself on the golf course. It's as close as I could get or wanted to get for that matter. There were trails all over the island through trees and swampland. It was fun and a little scary. One night we were coming back at dusk and we could barely see. Thank God we didn't come across any gators or any other wild animals! Lots of fun and adventure here! Hopefully you can see that speck of a gator in the last picture. We were really glad to have finally spotted one. We thought a lot about Joey and his canoeing through the swamps in Florida. That is crazy! One swish of the tail and over you go in your tippy canoe! Yikes!


dana in dublin said...

What a jungle wonderland! I love Florida! It is my favorite US vacation destination.

Joey said...

As soon as I saw the post I was reminded of our trip down to the Georgia swamps. Then I saw that you remembered the pictures of that trip too. Sweet :)

It is cool that you got to see the alligator out of the water though. That's an awesome picture! The ones we saw were all in the water.