Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kiawah Island

Seriously-I think that is really what the people who live on this island believe! This was a sign hanging in the kitchen of our pad. We went vacationing to Kiawah Island, SC this past week and what a time we had! There wasn't much sun but a lot of relaxing, dodging gators on our sweet bikes, laughs, and gawking at the lifestyles of the rich and famous! The side house was where Cbass and I stayed while her parents had the rest of the mansion! We made sure we went in every room and watched every tv and used many bathrooms and showers. It also had a sweet brand new Lincoln Navigator with all the bells and whistles! Although there are thousands of houses on this island only 112 of them are inhabited. Unreal! I guess they are peoples vacation homes and investments. Whatever! I just put my whole self in, my whole self out, did the hokey pokey and......went home back to reality!

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