Monday, November 05, 2007

Having brothers

Libs was cuddling up to me on the couch one morning watching "Baby's Day Out" when some interesting words came out of her mouth. She said, "mom, that baby's gonna kick that guy in the nuts." I said, "What?! Who taught you that?" She said, "well, he is gonna kick that guy in the nuts." Mmmn....brothers? Today she was playing with a little farm set we had and she had what looked like the cover of a silo. She put it over her private area and said to me, "this is for wearing over my nuts." I guess this is going to be her word of choice for now. Thanks boys.


Matt said...

I really hate getting kicked in the nuts! The nuts are really quite sensitive and there is no pain like nut pain!!!

Reegz said...

You are not allowed around my children. Especially Levi-he would take that and share it with everyone he crossed!