Monday, April 25, 2011

You'll be fine

Levi-"mom, look at my belly. Was Jace this fat when he was my age?"
Me-"he had a time when he was heavier."
Levi-"how fat was he?"
Me-"he just had a time when he was bigger and then he grew taller and he thinned out. You'll do the same. Just keep working out and listening to me when I tell you you've had enough to eat."
Levi-"mom, I want you in charge of my diet. I want a fruit and a vegetable at every meal. I'll have a salad at dinner and I want more protein and only fattening foods and treats on Christmas and holidays."
Me-"I will help you."


Anonymous said...

He cracks me up! And u think u can move away to Utah and take the kids too? I don't think so =)

Matthew said...

Reegz...I want you in charge of my diet too. No brownies and no chicken nuggets. Only Nelson's Ice Cream sometimes!

Anonymous said...

I will take your chicken and dumplings.