Monday, April 11, 2011

Wind, wind, go away!

I'm up to 44 miles on my bike so far. Last season I ended around 1550. I was hoping to hit 2000 this summer but with the belly problem I guess I won't know if that's possible. I can't even imagine half the hills I ride to be doable. My heart rates at 120 writing this entry I bet. I have hit some hills around Lakeland and Afton and even took a ride with my favorite biking partner. She had to probably work out after we rode. :( Theres always Janice and Jace-they're happy to bike lazily. ;) I gotta say though, this wind is so annoying! I don't like to bike in the wind ever- but this year I especially don't. Hoping to get many rides in before the big day!


dana said...

Don't know if I'll be able to ride with you- I am so slow! I will have wait til your 8th month!

Sophie said...

Bike on over here would ya!

Leah said...

Sorry that was Leah :)