Saturday, June 05, 2010

Counting my blessings

Summer fun in the sun! The kids had a great day at the pool on Friday. It was so hot and gorgeous. What a blessing it is to have a pool. I sat by it yesterday imagining my dad out there digging the posts, the mudslide it was when we first began, the yard that used to be a dogtrack and full of trees. I remembered when dad was in the hospital asking me if there was anything of his that I might want. I told him I already have it dad-the family heirloom: the jaws rock from my pool growing up. Pete only had to do a little touching up on the teeth with some white paint. It's so incredibly awesome!
We have so many great memories. So many blessings and undeserved graces. I remember when Pete and I would sit on our back porch of our apartment in Vegas with a beer and a smoke and dream about what we might one day have. The Lord has given us so much; too much. He is good and I am grateful.

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dana in dublin said...

stop talking about dad (sniffle, sniffle)! I want the jaws rock if you go to heaven before me!