Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So Big

Libs is getting so big (pic above is like 3 years ago at least!). Hate it and love it at the same time. She now gets in the shower herself, washes her own hair, gets her own clothes, and combs her own hair/brushes her teeth. It's a process and I can hear her in there readying herself. She comes out and is proud that she accomplishes all this by herself. I wonder if the process will get longer and longer? I wonder if she's gonna be a make-up girl? I wonder if she's always gonna have her sippee cup?

1 comment:

cbass said...

hate it hate it hate it :(((( whiles she's the most precious, soooo sad to see her "gow up awwwl big" I can't believe it. Too funny if we know anything about girlies and getting ready (especially cbass hehehe) yes she'll totally be in the broom for days duh :)