Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas Pictures

Doncha just love Christmas pictures? If you are like me and just take them at home you know what this is like. You always send out the one that looks the best right? I just wanted to send out a couple of "the way it really is." I am gonna do that some year. Send the ones where they're fighting, looking grouchy, punching each other, crying, you know. The ones where no one is looking or their heads are turned. I like how Levi's eyes are completely off in the above picture. I kept showing him the camera and saying, "Are you looking at me? Does it look like you're looking at me?" And the one below, "Close your mouth Liberty. Please close your mouth." I especially like how Jace just has the "Let's get this overwith look." Of course along with his Charlie Bucket (Willy Wonka) hairdo. We can laugh at these in about 20 years and even today if we want. :O) Keep your eyes out for that "perfect one" in the mail but remember how it really was!


dana in dublin said...

Way to take Christmas pictures in the green grass! Give my nephews and niece hugs for me- they are so cute!

Kim N. said...

Nice photos. I vote for the top one. I think I'll send out the "real" us as well. I will photoshop little bubbles over our heads with fighting words in them.