Sunday, October 29, 2006

Zoo Boo!

Went to the Zoo Boo tonight with the rest of the state. Geez, there were a TON of people there! Murphy and I go every year and take our kiddos! It's one of the for sure ways we know we will see each other! I met her fiance tongiht. I can't believe she's finally getting married. Who would have thought? I also can't believe they are just gonna start a family and I'm done praise God. I can't imagine starting out with babies at 34 even though many do. We got all the goodies and more! They gave out a free kids pass to the Old Country Buffet-my kids favorite restaurant. Sick. That means I'm gonna have to go there.........and drop them off. Some other things they got were sodas, a throw-a-way camera(mom-2 /27 exp. for loads of sideways pics), a few little treats, coupons (Jame), cereal, bookmarks, pencils, wow! Levi was talking to every character he met and he met many batmen like himself. Even though that's who he was he requested we call him "Master Bruce." Jace was a ninja and Libs stayed home. She would have been terrified! Crowds of people and a few scary ones too! It was fun but my hands were frozen by the end of the walk. I guess that was kind of our warm-up for the big trix and treatsin' (as dad would say). Great fun! Can't wait til Tuesday!

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dana in the desert said...

Master Bruce- I love it!!!