Tuesday, October 03, 2006

And some more quotes

-It is not that we believe in God, but that we believe God.

-There is no smaller package that a man wrapped up in himself!

-Coincidence is nothing more than God choosing to remain anonymous.

-The sudden precious moments of life need to be recognized for the unique periods they are, not wasted by wishing for something else.

-Life is not frozen for any of us into one unchanging pattern. If a longer sweep of history is behind us, the thing that is learned is the fleetness of "time."

-Choice to do one thing with an hour is also a choice not to do several other things with the same hour!


dana in the desert said...

It makes me crazy when you don't put who your quotes are by!!!

cbass said...

"God doesn't save His elect, and then just leave them, He does great and miraculous things with them." I revised.