Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Is this really happening?!

The greatest thing is happening. Jace has been journaling on behalf of Pete! He has been writing and writing about Pete being saved. He's actually writing to him about what it is to know God. He's also writing to him what it is to NOT know God. He has all this wonderful stuff written and told me he wanted to share it with Pete. I was trying to take pictures of it and show you because it is just the sweetest thing you ever did see but I can't get it together and I gave up! Anyway he has things written in there like, "why don't you come to church with us, why?-I don't want to see you in the lake of fire-you have to know Jesus-sing this song every night-read Genesis and John- I love you this is your son Jace talking to you-you will perish if you don't believe-we have been praying for you for 8 years-I don't see you read or pray-just come to the service", and on and on and on for 7 pages. It is sweet, sad, and exciting at the same time. He sat down with Pete the other night before he went to Taiwan and shared his journal with him. I went downstairs and prayed and made a lot of noise. Jace said Pete listened but he didn't get to finish and he said Pete believed in God and it's about doing the right thing and that not everybody believes the way Jace does. (Jace told me all this) I encouraged Jace not to give up and that God was going to use that seed that he planted and grow it! He then told me tonight he wanted to do a study with me starting in Genesis. I was thrilled. He said, "I don't mean just read mom, I mean go REAL deep." Am I dreaming? I was like, a son after my own heart(God's heart I pray!) How can it be?! God is so faithful! Please pray for the salvation of Pete and for a continuing of growth and depth in Jaces walk. I also pray for this study to really be something that we grow in together! Thanks!


dana in the desert said...

PRAISE THE LORD! Tell Jace he can write one to Matt next!!!

swurtz said...

out of the mouth of babes!

Joey said...

hey, this is pretty sweet stuff. Just don't give up hope and trust in God when things aren't looking as bright... It's so good to know that God is sovereign and in control!