Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nice Fish

Steven took Levi ice fishing today and they had a great time! Levi was very excited to share his catches with us. Thank you Uncle Steven! I'm still not sure if he's tan or windburnt. He told me as I was putting vaseline on his face, "Mom! You suck at this job!" LOL!!!!


Anonymous said...

ya it was a blast, sorry though forgot the sunscreen, got to excited in all the flags that were popin, We got 40 flags, Blake and Levi took turns pulling them in. wish u could blog the videos,,,We couldn't have done it with out my new car,,,lol Uncle

Anonymous said...

You rock Levi!!! So glad you and Steven, Chris and Blake got to go ice fishing!! You are quite the fisherman I bet grandma would have wanted to cook those fish for you!! Lol!

Aunt Jamie