Monday, February 06, 2012

Lutzen Trip

2.This was a view of the lake on my walk.

3.This was our ski up condo-coooool!

4.This was the indoor outdoor pool which was very fun!
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5.A top of this hill you could see an amazing view of the lake. You ride a gondola to the top. Scary!

We took a trip to Lutzen for some skiing this past weekend-what a gorgeous place it is! Gods handiwork was everywhere! Thank you for your prayers! No one was hurt or lost (kind of). I did not ski but was just as sore as the skiers as I took advantage of walking in the hilly country. Lake Superior is a sight to behold and a camera alone does not do it justice. It is simply beautiful. I never knew Minnesota held such beauty! It was beautiful weather and we were thankful to be able to go. Oh, and thanks to mom, Jax stayed behind! :o)

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