Monday, August 13, 2007


Yesterday at church was communion. Yep, you guessed it, a Levi story. I took the bread from the plate that was passed to me and Levi said, "what's that mom?" (He hasn't been in service for communion yet since he's turned 5) I whispered, "it's communion,shhh!" He wanted to know why he couldn't have some? I said,"it's not a snack." After Pastor talked a bit and we took the bread as a congregation he said in a loud whisper,"you tricked me! That was a snack!" Then came the "cup." Little cups filled with grape juice of course. He said, "is that the blood?" To which I replied, "it's symbolic, yes." As I was trying to reflect on what Christ did for me on that day I felt him inching closer and I heard a "sniff, sniff, sniff" over my cup. He said, smells like juice."


Joey said...

Sounds exactly like Levi! Kids are great!

NoOtherName said...

Oh Reegz, laughing out loud! I feel bad for our little guys as we solemnly partake of what looks to them to be BigPeopleSnackTime.

I love the sniff, sniff, sniff part! What a cutie!

Reegz said...

So true!