Thursday, March 08, 2007


We were just about to the end of the five year exam when the Doc left the room to get her assistant to come in and do the dirty work. As we were waiting I mentioned to Levi there was one thing left we had to do and he wasn't going to like it too much. He said, "Do I have to move?" (You have to know he has been having many fears that he has to move lately-we don't know why) I said, "No, and why are you so concerned about moving?" He said, "I think I'm ready. I can move to Janice's and that would be a good start cuz it's not too far away." Needless to say, he found out the final part of his exam wasn't moving and he took his shots like a brave little 5 year old. I told Janice he would be on his way after his arms are all healed up. :o)

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