Friday, December 21, 2012

Cowtown Christmas

 Levi gets a gift from Santa whom he gave a fresh loaf of bread to. (Same santa for 40 years!)
 Some of the million cousins kiddos....
 Some more...
 Jace and Cody (2 years apart) but same height!
 Corey thinks Levi looks like his son.....TRUE!
 My aunties and Rose!
 Marys famous somersault
 Libs has moves....
 Like Jagger
 Saras backbend...only in cowtown!
 Ya....for real....Levi had a glass. Family tradition. Somehow he has a Christmas drink every year?
Mary givin a jingle around the carpeted garage!

This is a taste of Christmas in Cowtown. I love my dads side ( miss you at this dad!) of the family! Although they're crazy and you need a passport to go down there it's never a bore. This year I taught the family how to play Empire-what a riot! We had a blast with the games, food, and crazy family stories! Mary had told us recently about a time that she peed her pants while bowling. We laughed so hard. She said the rest of the night they called her "peepants." Levi asked me, "Was Mary really serious about that story?" I said, "Of course....who'd make that up?!" He said, "Well,  I suppose she doesn't care. She's countryfolk. A Cowtowner." LOL!

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