Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our God is Great

It is so amazing to me. Gods moving in so many ways in so many lives. I can hardly stand it! Just yesterday I read of three very different stories in very different lives and I stand in awe of God. He is so big. So loving. So unchanging. From taking a young boy of 12 home to be with Him in an instant, to a couple who has been together in the Lord for many years, to the devastating news of a baby in the womb who has a poor chance of survival....God is in all these things! God has impressed their stories deep in my heart. He has shown me (again) He is a sovereign God. An intensely personal God. I am so moved knowing He is just as involved in my life! Is He awesome or what?! He has been doing so much in the life of my family lately I can barely wait to see what's next. For as many trials have come our way I count at least twice the blessings. He surely carries us and easily takes the burdens He's promised to bear. I don't claim to be strong and He continues to show me my utter dependance on Him. I am so grateful. I am loved by the one who can. All glory, honor and praise to Him!


Anonymous said...

Yes God is great that's for sure! Thanks for the awesome post=)

Leah said...

Beautiful and so true!

Bingo Online said...

Can be.