Monday, April 05, 2010

Cabin Time!

Yippee! The cabin is opened! We went up this weekend for Easter and we had a great time. The kids went four-wheeling, trampoline jumping, and of course we had our badmitton tournanments. The weather was beautiful, the crick was high, and the cabin was cozy. I walked along the driveway and was glad to not meet any bears. Mom says they're scared of you yet she knows a man who outran one to save his very life. We also went to church on Sunday and celebrated our risen Savior! We topped it off with a delicious turkey dinner served by mom. It was deadly delicious. (Oh yeah....)The night before we had muskie, or "poorman's lobster." It was yumm-o! I should've taken a picture of these meals. They were something right out of gourmet cooking mag. The kids are already begging to go back. I'm hoping for warm sunshiny weather so I can layout on that awesome dock made just for me. In the summer, the trees grow really thick so when I'm on it the kids can't even find me! I'll put some pictures up of these same shots after the trees bloom. A whole different look, coming soon....

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