Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Postmodern flannel-board

Levi loves telling the preschoolers flannelboard stories at nursery duty on Wednesdays. Sometimes, however, the stories melt together. Like todays:
Levi begins, "There was a man named Daniel who was walking along the road one day. He came across his Uncle and they talked. Suddenly, three wisemen were there wondering what he was about to do next. He was told his brothers were jealous because his dad loved HIM the best and gave him a beautiful colorful coat. He then was told that he was going to the lions den because he was worshipping God and he was only supposed to worship the king of the land." (Up goes the den and Daniel is thrown in it-in the meantime a giane Goliath is in the background and one of the little boys walked up and laid him down, defeated)Levi looks at the crowd puzzled and then says, "I cannot find my lions so it will actually be evil birds that were thrown in the den overnight with Daniel. In the morning Daniel wakes up and amazingly the good Lord protected him and didn't allow those birds to gouge his eyes out." The End

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dana in dublin said...

Hilarious- I loved when he couldn't find his lions so he used evil birds!