Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The talk

I had to have the "talk" with Jace. I was ready, prepared, prayed up, and confident. I had a couple of books and I'm so glad for that! I read the books and changed the "mommies" to mom and the "daddies" to dad and went on with the book. Who tells their kids the story of the birds and the bees when they are still calling them that is beyond me. When we got to the actual "how" babies happen he shouted out, "I am never gonna do that!" He was laughing and puzzled all at the same time and it was quite sweet, innocent, and funny. I'll never forget his face and the things he said; questions he asked. One down, two to go! Phew!

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dana in dublin said...

I surely don't envy that part of your parenting job- YIKES!