Wednesday, July 11, 2007

That I May Know God

It's as good as I could get the picture with my sorry computer skills. This book is the newest in my book collection. It looks to be an excellent read and I am on the first chapter and I quote:
"This journey with Jesus is really a spiritual pilgrimage in that we have confesses that we are "strangers and exiles on earth (Heb 11:13)." Once we are in Christ, we become sojourners and aliens on this planet; our citizenship has been changed from earth to heaven(Phil. 3:20), and we must now grow in the realization that no earthbound felicity can fully satisfy the deepest God-given longings of our hearts. During this brief pilgrimage, the terrain we encounter varies from grassy meadows to arid deserts and treacherous mountains. This pilgrim life is filled with joy and travail, with pleasures and afflictions, with clarity and confusion, with assurance and doubt, with comfort and pain, with relationships and alienation, with hope and despair, with obedience and disbelief, with confidence and uncertainty. But there are 2 critical truths to bear in mind when our surroundings become precarious: (1) others have preceded us in this journey, and some have left maps along the way to guide us through the territory ahead; and(2) God has equipped us with the spiritual resources He knows we will need throughout the journey.
I am excited to share more with you as I dig in!!!!!


dana in the desert said...

For the record, who gave you this wonderful gem of a book? DANA!

Reegz said...

OK Jamie....