Monday, September 11, 2006

Mercy extended

Hey! I went to talk to a hearing officer today about that ticket I got while parked at the State Fair. I went in with the clear plate that was over my license plate and asked her why these clear plates were illegal. She said, "you cannot have anything covering your plate." I said, "alright." She asked me if I had the other one with me and I said I didn't but it would be taken off. She said, "alright, dismissed." Praise God-mercy was shown! I had a friend who disagreed-they would have liked to seen me stoned right there and said they felt unsafe living where someone would let such a tyrant as me off. Thankfully, I was given a chance to remove the plates and be placed back into society where I will try to do my best to not rebel against the law.


Joey said...

I have a clear plate cover on mine. Does that make me an evil person too? Or is it just in MN?

Reegz said...

According to my friend, yes you should be damned to hell.

kristi noser said...

Good for you for not just sucking it up and paying that bogus ticket.